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Varas Verdes

Concern for the impact on human life, Varas Verdes is a organized environmental movement. A way to contribute to a healthier planet, leading industries through better business practices.


We developed a green thinking in a sustainable network of artists. This will help the community to create concepts, products and brands that makes a positive change to our mind and lifestyle.

Sustainable Resources

We always search a way to making our action more friendly using local resources. We can help you to create sustainable interventions, create or restore furniture and objects, reducing waste and carbon emissions.


Take full control of Jacob´s power to build the future and sustainable generations. We are recovering and reusing all we can. It´s time to preserve our stunning planet.

Animal Lovers

It´s time to live in consciousness with every living species in our planet. We like to preserve the biodiversity and look nature as the most important monument of our lifes.

Design & Crafts

Tailor handmade projects to build a sustainable business for brands and people. Our projects exists to minimize our footprint in design & crafts process and intervention.

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