Respect Earth, Plants, Animals…and Cookies.

Varas Verdes

Concern for the impact on human life, Varas Verdes is a portuguese company and brand concept in contribution to a healthier planet through that makes use of design, woodwork and custom service.

Eco Thinking

Our goal is simple: Collaboration. Working with designers and  craftsmanship, brands and our planet.

Sustainable Action

Searching a way of making our action more friendly and take the best of local resources to minimize our footprint.

mercado collection

Support growth and sustainability Mercado pot

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Reduce & Reuse

Take full control of Jacob´s power to build the future and sustainable generations. We are reducing and reusing all we can. It´s time to preserve our stunning planet.


It´s time to live in consciousness with every living species in our planet. We like to preserve and look nature as the most important monument of our lifes.


A brand with ecological concerns that make decisions in design & crafts based on their personal, social and environmental value.

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