Children´s Playroom with distinction

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children´s playroom

Did you know that is possible designing a children´s playroom and at same time understand how to preserve the environment?

Studio K Design is a London based design practice specialising in high-end residential interiors led by a female design duo, Nicola Keenan and Vickie Kirk. For Studio K Design every interior created is entirely unique by custom design service tailored to each client’s personal style.

In the last months, Studio K Design was looking for different and distinctive ingredients around the world to make their latest project more ecological and environmentally friendly, in Chiswick – West London. One of those special ingredients was found in Portugal, the handmade furniture from Varas Verdes – Mini Mercado Collection. We´re proud to be called.

Varas Verdes created eco-friendly furniture for the new space built from the recover and reuse of wood waste with color customize to fit all the Studio K interior design needs.

Testimonial – Nicola Keenan
“The design team at Studio K Design selected Varas Verdes Mini Mercado Collection for a children’s playroom. The eco design, sustainable wooden materials and handmade nature of the furniture were important considerations for this project. With it’s appealing design, bright, playful colours and friendly trademark logo it was the perfect choice.”

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