Get back to basics

By 2015-12-29Events, Products

The term ‘you have your whole life ahead of you’ isn´t true. 

A lot of people just recycle and almost everyone knows how good it is to recycle, right? Wrong!  – Don´t wait a medal for that. The planet still waits for our true action. Recycle is one of the 3 R´s and the last way of ignoring the problem of mass consumption. A tunnel with no light in the end, another dark corner trying where we´re trying to solve an unsolved reality.

Recycling is an effort but:

> Air pollution is still a problem.
> Current recycling methods aren’t really effective
> Everything we do creates more toxic chemicals
> Some products are better left unrecycled.
> Demand to recyclable products is continuously growing.

The biggest reason recycling hurts the environment, it´s the mindset it gives to societies. Reduce and reuse is now consider olf-fashion?

Get back to basics and rethink your behaviour has a consumer:

> Save time and money and cut back from where you are now. When you shop, shop differently choosing eco-friendly products. One example is our handmade furniture Mercado Collection, or POT, a unique and 100% natural multi-functional stool made by the reuse of cork granules. In this way, we´re doing our best giving a new shape to several types of waste and a message alert to human race.

Quick Challenge:

> Look at your garbage and try to reuse it – don´t throw it away – definitely it will be a good exercise for your mind. Talk about this with your children and inspire them to react.

We shouldn’t rely on recycling but should reduce our focus on economic growth, materialism and consumption. and promoting ethical business and industrial practices.

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