The future of work in sustainability

By 2016-09-27Jacob, Spots
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We love to tell everyone how great is to work in sustainability.

Since 2012, our cause is taking initiavite and focus on the real meaning of ecological production and the use of sustainable resources. We work in a small and picturesque space based in Lisbon with a big vision inside it. Varas Verdes started to recover and reuse unused pallets and wood to create Mercado Collection furniture. Now, we guarantee full design possibilities with the reuse of pallets and wood waste, helping the humanity to reduce the ecological footprint and carbon emissions.

Talking about our waste management, we´ve also created Mini Mercado Collection, small furniture for little humans with the reuse of leftover wood – an extraordinary way to repurposed several materials in our studio. Since then we were invited to participate in exhibitions, seminars, conferences and talks, a long journey with the dissemination of our message.

In 2014, POT has seen the light. We´ve design the most multifunctional stool in the planet made from cork granules, with our friends from Sofalca, our first partnership. No doubt that our products are a reflex of our creativity and way of life, and we couldn’t imagine living without the word sustainability! Now, it´s time for new experiments. Take your time to know more about us or if interest in our products, please contact Varas Verdes.

We thank you for all the support in all these years, sharing and orders.

Photography: Varas Verdes / POT @ Ecorkhotel Evora Suites & Spa


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