Welcome to the Land of Dreams

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terra dos sonhos

Welcome to ‘Terra dos Sonhos’, Land of Dreams.

We have participated in an  informative event provide by Terra dos Sonhos.
It was a pleasure to meet this non profitable portuguese organization, created in 2007, with the mission to stregthen the positive beliefs of possibility for children and youngsters with severe chronical conditions and their families, as well as institutionalized children and youngsters in risk.

Terra dos Sonhos ( land of dreams ) trully believes that they can reach their highest goals with our help, working on emotional and psychological capacitation like mental health, which we consider to be fundamental for their well being and for them to create their alternative life paths.

They told us to bring our happiness and volunteer spirit to the next event and we would like you to join us.

The National Day of Dreams
21st May – Saturday – Free Entrance
House of Dreams – Rua Mécia Mouzinho de Albuquerque nº1
1300-391 Lisboa . Phone: +351 21 362 0445

See all the dreams come true here.


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