We’re saving a place for future generations.

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Very important message. Let’s take a short break.

Have you ever heard about ecodesign? Is the production process where the main objective is to build environments, develop products and perform services that somehow will reduce the use of natural and nonrenewable resources.

More than the 3´R principles (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), it´s importante to live according what the planet naturally offers. Actually, recycling is the most famous principle. but the last sollution to our problems. It all starts with you, finding the best way to shop eco-friendly products and, if you can, give your waste a happy end.

Now forget all what you´ve learned.

5 facts  about Varas Verdes:

1. Jacob and Varas Verdes team made the choice of creating handmade furniture like Mercado Collection, through the recover and reuse of pallets and wood with a distinctive brand touch. Even more, the waste of this procedure helps creating Mini Mercado for the little ones – extraordinary feeling.

2. Lower energy consumption for manufacturing our latest product – POT – Multi-functional stool and 100% natural with no additives made by expanded agglommerated cork – Generating less cork waste during extraction. You can sit, use it like a bedside table or hide things inside. POT is Plant on top!

3. Design customization and restoration services. We bring to life your old furniture by the hand of crafstmen.

4. Rethink. Reuse. React. Activism and Activation. Jacob and the team are invited to be present in stores and events, seminars, conferences and talks since 2012.

5. Communication and sharing is necessary. We design products with powerful messages and truly meaning for sustainable growth. Finding new consumers, suppliers and other partnerhip opportunities. A chance to ecolaboration and therefore, a chance to save the planet.

Help us saving a place for future generations.
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