Let The Pigs Fly Away

Jacob is the symbol of Varas Verdes. A pig who was born in Alentejo region with the mission to change the way of living until his final destiny. Is now part of the movement of consumers, artists and companies, appreciators and followers of the new ecological thinking, a cause that focus on the real meaning of ecological production and the use of sustainable resources. We are specialized in creativity, through the concept  of branding to powerfull messages, graphic design to digital communication, eco product design to handcrafted services. Since the birth of Jacob we were responsible for new products and other projects reusing pallets, woods and cork granules. Finding new customers, suppliers and partners around the world to share this message and work with is an important aim.









jacob varas verdes




Jacobins have the power to create a new lifestyle and improve the green economy. They actually give to businesses a new reality and consciouness tips with social and environment concerns.

Jacob . Inspiration

Whether it's digital or not, our aim is to deliver concepts with truly messages and worthy content.

Gustavo . Branding

Visual communication is love at first sight and the most important way to share information. Think about your brand as an educational pursuit of hapiness.

Marta . Design

Besides my primary skill in furniture restoration and conservation, i found in Varas Verdes the importance to shape life-ended resources with the power of creativity.

Pedro . Crafts

What we do with love portfolio