How to Grow Green

From the fertile imagination of Jacob, rises a furniture solution able to educate and mobilize the population to good practices towards nature. Varas Verdes created a new way to appeal to the importance and preservation of all the green species of our planet. A 100% portuguese stool with geometric reference to a pot and made by agglomerated expanded cork.

varas verdes pot cork stool

Reduce Energy And Resources

POT combines contemporary design with a nature friendly production method. It´s suitable for those who wants to find a new way to take action for the environment protection. The production method of Sofalca is self-sufficient and brings together a creative and social will to act and look after the environment. Aims mainly to minimise the negative impact of human action through good management of resources and energy consumption.

varas verdes pot cork stool


100% natural . Additive free . Non toxic . Ecological . Recycable . Biodegradable . Lower energy . Hipoallergenic . Not edible . Soft texture . Thermic isolation . All different . Zero waste . Water Resistant . Fire resistant   Sensible UV radiation . No felling of trees

varas verdes pot cork stool

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